Marcegaglia Carbon Steel: a wide range of hot-dip galvanized coils

July 14th, 2020

Marcegaglia Carbon Steel: a wide range of hot-dip galvanized coils

Marcegaglia Carbon Steel is able to meet the increasingly stringent market needs with a wide range of hot-dip galvanized coils in different steel grades and machining.

These products consist of a steel substrate on which a zinc coating is applied by continuous hot dipping. The percentage of zinc contained in the coating is over 99%.

The main characteristic of hot-dip galvanized coils is the remarkable corrosion resistance offered by zinc, depending on the thickness of the coating and the hot dipping that allows to obtain a wide range of zinc thicknesses, even very high.

Marcegaglia’s range of hot-dip galvanized coils is produced in accordance with EN 10346 standard, which specifies the requirements for products coated by continuous hot dipping of low carbon steels suitable for cold forming, construction steels, high strength steels for cold forming and zinc (Z) coated.

Hot dip galvanized coils are also produced according to ASTM A653, which specifies steel products galvanized by the hot dip process.

Hot dip galvanized coils, steel grades:

  • EN 10346: DX 51D, DX52D, DX53D, DX54D, DX56D; S220GD, S250GD, S250GD-DM*, S280GD, S280GD-DM*, S320GD, S350GD S390GD, S420GD, S450GD, S550GD; HX260LAD, HX300LAD, HX340LAD, HX380LAD, HX420LAD, HX460LAD, HX500LAD HX220YD, HX260YD; HX220BD, HCT490X (DP500), HCT590X (DP600), HCT780X (DP800);
  • Marcegaglia standard: laser cutting steels: DX51D-LASER (STP0195). Available zinc grammages: from Z50 to Z800 with possibility to differentiate the grammages per face.

The surface can be protected by oil (O), passivation (C) or antifinger (AF) an organic coating that guarantees high corrosion resistance and can be transparent or coloured if necessary.

Marcegaglia is also able to offer pickled coils, cold rolled coils and galvanized coils in equivalent grades, according to the standards of the main automotive manufacturers.

(*) On request, qualities different from the above mentioned standards or according to customer defined specifications are also provided, including the most important qualities coded by the major car manufacturers.

Discover here the whole range of Marcegaglia Carbon Steel hot-dip galvanized coils.

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