Marcegaglia do Brasil, the best partner for cold-formed sections

November 4th, 2020

Marcegaglia do Brasil, the best partner for cold-formed sections

Cold-formed section is the term used for steel products which are made by rolling or pressing thin gauges of steel sheets into goods.

Cold-formed sections are created by the working of thin steel sheets using stamping, rolling or presses to deform the steel sheets into a proper product which are usable. In the construction industry of steel, both the structural as well as the nonstructural parts are formed using the thin gauges of steel sheets. The building materials can be of columns, studs, beams, floor decking, built up sections and other any parts of the structure.

Cold-formed section construction materials differ in many respects than other steel construction materials like hot rolled steel. The manufacturing products occurs at the room temperature with the use of rolling/pressing. The buckling property is used to analyze the strength of elements. The construction practices are just like the timber framing where the assembling stud frame using the screws.

The applications of cold-formed sections include the buildings, bridges, car bodies, storage tanks, highway products, railway coaches, transmission towers, drainage facilities, etc.

Marcegaglia do Brasil production of cold-formed sections range includes different sizes from 50 to 150 mm for the width, from 2.00 to 3.75 mm for the thickness. In addition, different profiles are manufactured to meet many sectors demands: cold formed “C” section unstiffened, cold formed “C” section stiffened, cold formed special format.

Products are manufactured according to NBR 6355/2012 standards for cold formed steel structural profiles, with open cross section.

Marcegaglia do Brasil is best partner for cold-formed sections.

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