Steel building means excellence

April 7, 2020

Steel building means excellence

Mechanical properties, aesthetic values and durability: steel is the environment-friendly material of choice for contemporary architecture.

Steel is a 100% recyclable material, which can be used countless times without losing any of its original properties. Its life cycle is potentially endless, helping the development of sustainable technologies and of the green economy. Structural steel are becoming one of the most prevalent construction materials of the century, often seen as an extremely important component of modern buildings and housing.

Marcegaglia do Brasil, with its operations located in Garuva, Estado de Santa Catarina (Brasil), manufactures a wide range of carbon steel welded tubes for structure and civil construction: metallic structure, handling and storage systems, rack, pallets, and shelves, foundations and artesian wells, lightning, residential, commercial and/or industrial work.

This products are available in diameters from 12,70 to 171,45 mm, in thicknesses from 0,60 to 8,00 mm, in accordance with ASTM A500:2013 and NBR 8261:2010 manufacturing standards:

  • ASTM A500:2013 – Standard specification tubes for structural applications:this specification covers cold formed welded carbon steel round, square, rectangular or special shape structural tubing for welded, riveted, or bolted constructions and for general structural purposes
  • NBR 8261:2010Standard specification tubes for welded, bolted or reveted structural purposes: this standard covers the conditions for a purchase, fabrication and supply of cold formed welded carbon steel tube round, square and rectangular for welded, bolted or riveted structural purposes.

The quality of Marcegaglia do Brasil manufacturing system of the Garuva production plant is certified with:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • NBR 5580:2015
  • NBR 5590:2015
  • Certificate CRCC (Petrobrás)
  • Certificate of Approval RoHS Component

Independence, dynamism, resilience, competence, versatility, reactivity: these distinctive values have made Marcegaglia the privileged partner in the steel processing industry and a unique business model.

Discover here the Marcegaglia do Brasil carbon steel welded tubes product range.

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phone +55 . 47 . 3431 64 05


Rodovia BR101 km 11
Bairro Urubuquara 89248-000
Garuva, Estado de Santa Catarina – Brasil
phone +55 . 47 . 3431 64 05
fax +55 . 47 . 3431 64 46

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